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Each property has their own septic system. 
The City has a schedule for septic systems to be pumped. The property is required to ensure the cover to the septic is accessible for the pumping company to access it.
If you have septic pumping questions contact City Hall at 1-563-221-1689


The monthly rate for sewer is $18.50

 Garbage & Recycling

Republic Services is the provider for garbage and recycling. 
Garbage pickup is every Tuesday with Recycling pickup every other Tuesday.
If you have a missed service pickup please contact City Hall at 563-221-1689. 
You may also visit 
Click HERE for the Holiday pickup Calendar          

The monthly rate for
garbage is $16.75

 Water Utility

Water service is provided by the City of Welton. Dwayne Levien is the operator for the City's Water Treatment & Distribution site. 

The minimum monthly rate for water is $98.10

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